Top five apprentice training experiences of 2015

Angus Fraser, apprentice and training champion, leads the organisation’s apprenticeship programme in Lewisham.  

He is a qualified A1 Assessor and is responsible for ensuring that each apprentice meets the criteria of their NVQ’s and achieves 13 key milestones set during their apprenticeship.

He comments: “Mentoring apprentices is a very satisfying experience.  All of our apprentices at Glendale Lewisham are required to achieve 13 key milestones during their apprenticeship, maximising their potential and providing a source of motivation and measurable achievement.   Supporting the candidate’s in achieving these milestones is very rewarding for both them and me.  It is nice to know each milestone attained is standing them in really good stead for the future.”

Here Angus shares with us his top five apprentice training experiences from 2015:

  1. Apprentices start at Capel Manor College
    On the 18th September 2015 three new apprentices at Glendale Lewisham, Freddie Stack, Arnold Taylor and Brandon Dunn, started their Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture with Capel Manor College.  

    Starting and completing a qualification to at least Level 3 is a key milestone that staff employed on Glendale apprenticeship schemes across the country work towards throughout their training.

  2. Edward Street roundabout
    The Glendale Lewisham apprentice team undertook an extensive project rejuvenating a roundabout in the borough.  The team removed all existing plants, prepared the ground and introduced a new planting scheme following a new design.

    The project included the incorporation of compost, rotovating, planting and finishing off the bed by adding a thick layer of recycled bark mulch.

  3. Passing driving tests
    Another key milestone of the Glendale Lewisham apprenticeship scheme is successfully passing a UK driving test.  Arnold Taylor and Freddie Stack both passed their driving tests in 2015.

  4. Presentation on common pests and diseases
    As part of their qualification at Capel Manor College, the apprentices are required to give a short presentation to a group of their peers.  The presentation covers the most common pests and diseases that affect shrubs and what actions must be taken to manage them.

  5. The presentations were a success and the following week they also gave the presentation to their contract manager.

  6. English and maths skills
    The staff undertaking the Glendale Lewisham apprenticeship scheme successfully completed their English and Maths functional skills qualifications, another key milestone of their training.

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