Glendale backs hedgehog welfare campaign

National green services provider Glendale is supporting a campaign to protect hedgehogs and create awareness of their declining population.

The company has teamed up with Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue, a welfare organisation based in the West Midlands which rescues injured hedgehogs. 

According to a report by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), the hedgehog population is experiencing a continuing decline, in both rural and urban landscapes. Research suggests there were approximately 36 million hedgehogs in the UK in the 1950s, but less than one million today.  

Glendale staff are taking extra care to look out for nesting hedgehogs as they clear and maintain parks and green spaces. 

Specially created stickers are also adorning the company’s maintenance equipment to create awareness and act as a reminder of the ‘keep hedgehogs safe’ message. 

Tod Hale, contract manager at Glendale, said: “Wildlife conservation is always a key priority for the work Glendale does.  The nature of a hedgehog’s habitat means it can be difficult to detect their presence, so, unfortunately, they can easily be injured or killed by gardening equipment when people clear up piles of leaves and vegetation, both of which make ideal nesting places for the creatures. 

“It is concerning to hear about the rapid decline of any species, so we’re happy to be able to support the important work done by organisations like Snuffles.” 

Claire Hunt, the founder of Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue, said: “As the weather is turning colder, many hedgehogs are getting ready for hibernation.  Their natural food supplies, like beetles, caterpillars and earthworms are going deeper underground and therefore aren’t as accessible. 

“They need lots of food beforehand so they have fat reserves because during hibernation they can lose up to a third of their body weight, which is why many die during the process as they are too underweight to survive. 

“We are delighted to have a company like Glendale supporting us, keen to spread the message of hedgehog welfare.” 

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