Management of Public Woodlands

Conserving and creating greater woodlands

Many people think that woodlands are better left untouched in order to become a haven for wildlife – but we disagree. We believe a woodland should never go uncared for as this can cause them to lose their vitality. It can also have an adverse effect on the plants and wildlife that call them home, particularly if they’ve been managed for timber production in the past.

Active woodland management is the necessary remedy, and there are lots of simple, cost-effective things that can be done to make them a better place to visit and give a boost to the local wildlife. A good place to start is a survey which will recommend the best activities for your woodland.

We can supply sensitive, sustainable woodland management practices that will help give public woodlands, and the plants and wildlife within them, a fresh injection of life. Woodland management grants are available to help with the cost of managing a woodland, speak to one of our experts today to find out what options are open to you.

We’re always looking for innovative approaches in order to nurture woodland habitats and improve access routes so everyone can enjoy nature’s gifts.

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Key services include:

  • Woodland management survey and plan
  • Safety and environmental inspections
  • Whip and tree planting
  • Tree relocation
  • Invasive species control
  • Weed control and vegetation management
  • Expert tree surgery
  • Hedgerow management and maintenance
  • Habitat improvement schemes