Welcoming Demi McDougall

9 months ago

After completing an 8-week voluntary placement, Demi McDougall has begun an apprenticeship at Glendale.

Demi has joined the Glendale team as an apprentice and has already become a valued member of our family. She first completed Bolton at Home’s Estate Ranger project and has already proven she has what it takes to succeed with us!

Since joining our team, Demi has worked with various colleagues on the practical aspect to the job, as well as working with co-worker on Anne-Marie to learn more administrative tasks. She has excelled at all tasks she has been given and we are truly delighted with her progress.

Demi has a fantastic attitude towards work and has asked lots of questions from day one of her 8-week voluntary placement. Now that she is a fully-fledged apprentice, we’re sure she will continue to work hard and learn what it means to be a part of the Glendale team.

Demi says that she loves “the people, and the places we go” and adds that she is enjoying every aspect of the job. She also feels like she is really achieving something since beginning her placement with us.

Despite not having the easiest start in life, last year Demi won the ‘Personal Achievement Star’ at Bolton at Home’s Stars of the Community Awards. To add to this outstanding achievement, she has brought a real passion for her work and possesses a fantastic willingness to learn. These characteristics are sure to bring her the success she deserves.

We are delighted she has chosen to join the Glendale team, and everyone here would love to give Demi a warm welcome. She is truly an inspiration and has already shown us how work placements and apprenticeships can be fundamental to supporting young people in our communities.

For more information on careers and apprenticeships at Glendale, please contact us today on 01257 460461.

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