Glendale’s COVID-19 Response

5 months ago

Glendale has enforced changes throughout the business to protect the well-being of its staff and customers. Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, we remain committed to providing the outstanding level of service our customers have come to expect.

Keep reading to learn more about Glendale’s response to COVID-19.

Our Initial Lockdown Response

When lockdown measures were announced by the UK Government, our operational managers contacted all their clients to gain an understanding of what services needed to be continued/provided, and how we could adapt accordingly. Services were temporarily suspended until clarification could be sought from our clients as to what their priorities were.

Making Progress

Most contracts were up and running within a matter of weeks, in a reduced capacity, to keep the grass and litter under control and ensure the safety of our clients green spaces, which would be increasingly important as people undertook their daily exercise.

Operatives working outside were advised to have no contact with the public, keep to social distancing guidelines and avoid touching fences, gates, etc. and on no account were they to enter into any premises.

Helping our Staff

Glendale has put measures in place to protect the health and well-being of all its workers. Safety measures implemented for operational teams include:

  • Limiting personnel to 1 individual per van.
  • Providing additional PPE provisions including sanitiser, masks and gloves.
  • Initiating additional COVID-19 risk assessments.
  • Enacting training and regular communication to reinforce the COVID-19 working practices.

Additional support was provided to staff working in isolation or at home to help them to deal with the exceptional circumstances, assisting them with any additional stress they may be experiencing due to worries about the virus, following the guidelines set out by the WHO.

Staff working from home have regular catch up meetings with Managers and also have regular team briefings, these have been organised via Google Hangouts to support staff and provide opportunities for team interaction.

Contact Glendale for More Information

For further details about how we continue to operate safely and responsibly, please contact the Glendale team today. Call us on 01257 460461 or send your enquiry to – we will be happy to assist you.

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